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Funkedub in the Ether

far out son of a lung and the ramblings of a madman

More ranting about Thursday night
I don't care that it is saturday morning.

i Thought i would cut n paste some other reviews for the Hexstatic and Amon Tobin gig as it seems i wasn't the only blown away. :D

Originally posted by egarim

Heres what i thought of the night

Venue The best choice for an event like this in Brisbane. It was part chin stroke and part dance-fest so the seats were nice.

Crowd A great mix. I could tell the muso's and programmers at a glance, from the enthused and much-gestured conversations and the faces carrying awe. lots of funky people, g33ks, etc. nice brisbane, very nice.

Projector How cool is a stereo projector! i like that idea more then indidually acting dual screens or single projection. i was giggling when i walked in. i love VJ work.

Sound System STEREO! god i havent noticed a stereo PA in years. all my time on stage ive always run a mono out (as many live acts do) assuming the PA is mono or at least dance music doesnt need much panning. but GOD DAMN how good were the RACING CAR and TANK set pieces in glorious stereo!!?!?! oh my!

its a shame about the odd layout of Family for these events though. for Amon Tobin i just frequently stood in the middle of the floor to get the full brunt of the main arrary. the cabs aimed at the bar dont do it justice

and ahaha i was watching the machine room upstairs left of stage during Amon Tobin... the LED's on the limiters were sitting in RED on the bass and upper upper highs the whole time... that sub-bass was so relentless. my god he produces well. i think that 0db'ed upper high programming is what gives it such a BRUNT FORCE, rather then being muddy mids. interesting.

and of course:

as i said every one of their set pieces was spectacular (a set piece being a complex and hyper-programmed "look at us we're rad bit").

the TANKS was just mind blowingly cool in an unexpected way. they have a knack for making a nice gimmick a great idea... such as...

SOUND OF MUSIC. pardon my language but fucking awesome. uber-long ambient intro... you just KNEW that air-scene from somewhere but couldnt place it till she "rocked out"

i love the well rehearsed pantamime by the VJ, "hmm this looks a bit naff? sound of music? lets see about THAT!!!" lol. also claiming more applause when it died down is always a chuckle

CLIFF RICHARDS. AHAHA AWESOME! mutating "i feel so ecstatic now" into "hexxxxstatic...". place the river Thames bbc thingy and the game show at the end. just so innovative.

the Mr Scruff scene in the early bits was great (those small cartoon characters reminiscent of single celled ameoba's if you will) but the retro stuff was boring except for...

NANCY SINATRA. always a great track, even better tacken over by hexstatic. amazing.

overall just spectacular.

chin stroking genius performed on a final scratch rig. in my opinion he perfectly straddles the line between Noise, IDM/drill'n'bass and ambience. like i said the utterly relentless sub-bass was pretty overpowering at one stage, but thats part of Amon's trip.

i liked his de-emphasis on visuals after the hex extravaganza, while still keeping eyes happy.

i would love to see Amon Tobin at one of Lawrence English's events at Powerhouse on a good PA.

as for THAT finale... ahahaha. turning his monitors around was a warning of sound-rape-in-progress

Last thoughts...

incredible. shit i forgot to say Aniki had a great set. just when im at my threshold of whinging that ive seen aniki to much (sike matt!) and i walk into Family when hes playing KYLIE...

...but then the awesomeness presented itself. well done. matt's getting some pretty fresh set pieces of his own. good to see a DJ who gets creative AND skillful.

i wish they had of been selling merchandise! ive bought Ninja Tune stuff online before but shipping rapes us. some 12" and poster/shirt sales would have been the goodness... sniff. how n00b does that sound.... im a merch whore all of a sudden.

well worth the insanely cheap 25 bucks.


what he said - verbatim







hexstatic were by far though the most impressive of two name acts

sound of music....music....music....


the counting song - holy fuck ... made 2003 for me that moment alone

i turned to hydra and said "isn't it wonderful that our generations are now coming to the fore and rising up and celebrating our former geekiness as in the old scenario once was 'my family had an amiga' *head down, eyes averted, awaiting unkind remarks..* but now it's *punches air* 'fuck yeah - we had an amiga!!!!'

12 3 4 5.... 6 7 8 9 10... 11 12... doo doo do do d doo doo